How technology will evolve the physical spaces in which we do our work

Technology is changing everything from how we work to what we consume. Tech also will continue to evolve the physical spaces in which we do our work. 

Yes, the open office space you just acclimated to might soon be a thing of the past. Or augmented even more by technology, anyway.

Watch as author and workplace expert Dan Schawbel outlines several key areas he thinks are ripe for change and the technology that will bring it about. 

What happened to the class of 2016

What Happened to the Class of 2016?

From cover stories to new technologies, here’s what happened to the Chivas Venture finalists 2016.

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The Chivas Venture The Movie

The Chivas Venture: The Movie

If a film were to be made about the Chivas Venture finalists, these are the talented actors who would portray them.

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